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Get lost in the “Gallery” and “Experiences” sections. They will help you understand what this project is about.

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To read the letter summarizing the first recommendations for group sessions in the journey of knowledge, go to the “Letters” section and select the one in your language.

In the sessions of this Journey of Knowledge, we attempt at finding our limits. In some cases, we try to move them, stretch them, move them further away and, in other cases, just become aware of them. Question them. Question ourselves. And we do it through exchanging personal experiences, lessons, activities thought for all those who want to get onboard. Exercising communication is what it is all about. It is also about enjoying the journey rather than getting to a given destination –we are not sure whether there is a destination or not. Maybe there isn’t one--. Sharing a physical space in the Journey of Knowledge’s group sessions, and virtual session through this website. Spaces for: discussion, challenges, learning, fun, laughter, respect, rethinking, experimenting, and the words you think are most convenient. All of us have something to share. All of us have something to learn. .